Golden Obsidian


Color: Dark black with gold eyes

The Golden Obsidian, which is the best in obsidian and one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, has been used as a symbol of evil spirits and amulets since ancient times, to void bad luck. The golden stone is a kind of natural volcanic glass. The golden “eye” is like a layer of golden sand. It is emitted from the interior of the beads. The output is very small and more precious than the obsidian.

Its golden color has a feeling of riches, and it is considered to have a lucky effect, and it is often a good weapon for businessmen seeking wealth.

Can effectively eliminate negative energy, while promoting new energy. And can strengthen the mobility and enhance the charisma of the leader.

Recommended root number: No. 2, No. 7, No. 4

Collections: Gemstones Geometry Bracelet

Type: Unknown Type

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