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Master Thomas Chiam started teaching numerology 10 years ago, and in 2009, founded Lifequest Academy. He has a strong interest in numerology and metaphysics and has always been involved in the exploration and research of numbers and symbols. His obsession and studies have led him to discover new and enriching lines of reasoning and the true essence of life, which in turn enabled him to grasp and understand a whole new dimension to the vibrations of numbers and sacred symbols.
He is also the first in Asia to be awarded the Association Internationale de Numerologues (UK) AIN- Consultant Member title and currently the council member of AIN (UK). His passion and confidence in numbers made him want to share this knowledge with more people, and this was achieved when ‘The Science of Numbers’ was created.
To date, Master Thomas Chiam has taught over 6500 students of different ethnicities and from all over the world, including from Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Indonesia d Thailand. In 2010 he started Association  Internationale de Numerologues Asia (AINA),certification of qualified consultants and to-date there's more than 300 over Certified Practitioner Members under AINA.

He believed behind these sacred symbols and numbers are the knowledge that enables us to take complete control over our lives, these unique vibrations and energies not only bring out your best in life, they also help to rid ourselves of chaos, fear, and hatred which affect so many of us.


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